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Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad is rad, so let’s celebrate!  So many people say that dads are harder to shop for than moms, but not as far as I am concerned.  Check out the list below for some great ideas for dad.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

If you can avoid blushing at the title of this amazing book by Mark Manson, then dad is in for a treat.  This guide to narrowing all of your effort to focusing on what is important instead of wasting time and effort on things we can’t control or that don’t really matter is written in a hilarious and real tone that will have dad rolling with laughter AND living his best life.  Then borrow it when he’s done.

Wireless Headphones

He’s got the big screen TV.  He’s got the cable package with 555 channels. Now all he needs is a way to watch them all without mom losing her mind.  Enter: the wireless headphones.  A great pair of wireless headphones, bluetooth enabled and noise cancelling, will allow dad to watch Top Gear turned all the way up without having to pause it every time the dog barks or mom has to get on the phone. These can be a life saver!

Lottery Ticket Bouquet

For the dad who has everything, get him a chance to win more things!  Buy a whole bunch of scratch off lotto tickets, tape or glue them to skewers or popsicle sticks, and create a bouquet inside of a new Yeti or coffee mug.  Everyone could use a chance to win some cash, and it’s a cute, inexpensive way to show your love for dad.

K Cafe

This may be deja vu for you as it was featured in our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Blog.  I am including it again because it is just that good! This combination coffee, latté, espresso maker from Keurig is an AMAZING treat. It works with any K Cups, and will make dad feel like he is lounging in decadence.


This is a fun gift that is super affordable with a lot of options available. Where does dad put his keys and cash?  Phone and watch? At the end of a long day, does he have his own spot? A valet with a place for it all is a great gift for him.  You can get them in all sizes and shapes, and they can really help avoid paniked “where are my keys” moments and “I can’t find my sunglasses” issues.  You even have some options to customize them with dad’s favorite picture, logo, or name.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dad in your life!

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