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What YOU need to know about High School Football in San Antonio!



“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”  Vince Lombardi


Now that we have all settled back into our school time routines, it’s time to focus on one of America’s beloved pastimes. FOOTBALL! Ever since the first formal college football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place in 1869, football has become a prominent institution in the American culture

When you ask someone what their family does on Thanksgiving or Christmas, the majority of the American population will respond with “We eat turkey and watch football!” or “We open presents and watch football!” Or if you ask someone what comes to mind when he or she thinks of Monday nights in the fall, most will respond with an excited “Monday Night Football!”

Football gives those who play the sport a sense of brotherhood and those who watch it a feeling of national pride and unity. These patriotic feelings may have something to do with the fact that football is strictly an American sport. If you ask someone from another country about football, they will think that you are referring to soccer or fútbol. Although football has its roots in rugby and soccer and is played in other countries, America is the only country where football is played professionally!

So in order to prepare you for this upcoming season of our favorite American sport, we have decided to create a post that includes all aspects of local high school football. Enjoy and let the season commence!


Football Must-Haves

When you go out this fall to support your favorite team, there are a few things that are necessary in order to  cheer your boys on to victory!


1) Signs

There is nothing better for an athlete than looking out at a crowd and seeing signs with their names on them! Signs are confidence boosters and are definitely needed when a team is down and needs a little extra encouragement. So break out your arts/crafts and get to work!


2) Pom-poms & Noisemakers

Pom-poms are always a yes! Noisemakers on the other hand can either be a great or terrible. It is extremely exciting to hear the deafening noise of fans trying to rally up a team right before kickoff or cheering during the first touchdown. While a vuvuzela, mini artificial hand-clapper, or cheer megaphone can be a good idea, a blowhorn or electronic megaphone can be extremely obnoxious, while too many whistles can confuse the players and lead to false starts. Check with your school’s handbook to make sure what kind of noisemakers are/aren’t allowed.


3) Wearing School Colors

You can always tell which team is more excited about the game by looking at the stands from a distance. When I was in high school, all of the fans were bathed in our school colors. People driving by on the highway were always able to tell that our team was playing because the sea of purple was so vibrant! Even if you don’t have a school shirt, find any piece of clothing that has your school color on it! Your team will definitely look more intimidating when they have hundreds of fans in red, white, blue, whatever color it may be, cheering behind them.


4) If you don’t have merchandise, get some!

Although this isn’t a necessity, it is strongly encouraged to support your school’s football team by ordering and buying merchandise from the school itself. Firstly, your school spirit will shine through! Secondly, you will be supporting your team financially since the money collected from the sales of merchandise often goes to the Booster Club in order to provide athletic scholarships and fund end-of-the-year athletic banquets!

If you don’t want to buy merchandise at the game, we have researched some of the best retailers in town to get your fall gear from:

  • Amazon
  • Local H-E-B
  • Academy
  • Wal-mart


General Rules to Remember when attending a Sporting Event

When it comes to sporting events, even the most calm and collected person can turn into a hot-head because of a wrong call. As fans and family members we can often become extremely involved and emotional when we see our brother, son, cousin, uncle, friend become upset, injured or penalized, especially when we disagree with what occurred or what a referee decided after a play.

However, it important to remember that despite how much money you have poured into your son’s football career, how much more you think you know than the coach or how much time your family has spent at your family member’s football games growing up, this one call or game does not define him.

More importantly, all of the players on the field whether you know them or they’re strangers, whether they are from the home team or the opposing team deserve to be treated with respect. After all, they are playing football because they love the sport and because it is fun for them. Let them enjoy the game and enjoy their carefree high school days, because everyone knows all too well that after high school carefree times are hard to come by.

Next time you are at a game, try to follow these five tips to ensure a fun and hostile-free environment for all!


1) Do not use profane language directed towards a coach, player or fan

No matter how upset you may be, calling the coach an idiot won’t change anything and won’t make your team win if they’re losing. Not only will you suck the fun out of the game for those around you, whoever you are there supporting will more than likely be extremely embarrassed by your lack of composure. Obsessive and continuous use of profanity may even get you ejected from the game.


2) Do not coach your friend, son, nephew, etc from the sidelines

The game you are attending is not your friend or family member’s Pee-Wee football game. You must trust that there is a strategy behind every decision that a team’s coaching staff makes. In order for your friend/family member to excel and more than that, become a productive member of society, he must learn to take and apply direction from someone other than his family members/friends. And usually one of two things will happen when you are trying to coach your friend/family member, while the coach is trying to coach him. The player will either become really confused and conflicted about who he should listen to, which will hinder his performance OR he will ignore you/mishear you. Whatever advice you have, save it for after the game.


3) Never bring alcohol to a high school game

This rule is an obvious one. Since most games are held either on school premises or fields/stadiums reserved for high school and middle school events, consumption, possession and selling of alcohol is generally prohibited since all students are generally under the legal drinking age of 21. But if you are looking to drink and enjoy a football game, the University of Texas at Austin recently approved beer sales for the 2015 Longhorn football season. And UTSA football games always allow for the sale of alcohol since the games are held at the Alamodome. (Consumption and possession reserved for those 21 and older. Drink responsibly.)


4) Never bring a weapon to a high school game

Once again, since carrying weapons is prohibited on school campuses, it is also prohibited at the venues that school sporting events take place. Unless you are a cop or security officer at the game, do NOT bring any weapons to the game.


5) Make sure that your athlete has permission to ride home with you after the game vs. riding back to school on the bus

This rule is relatively new, but has been, understandingly, strictly enforced. Far gone are the days when you could give your football-playing friend a ride to grab a bite to eat after the game. Or maybe you told your son or nephew to hurry out to your car as soon as he got out of the locker room because you all had a family function to go to. In recent years, many school districts have started to demand that students ride back to school on the bus rather than leave the game with their parents, friends or family members. As frustrating as this rule may be at times, it is put in place for good reason.

Football games are pure madness. There are tons of people and a lot of noise. Confusion is easy to come by. This rule holds the team accountable for ensuring the safety of your football player. With this rule, you can rest assured that your family member or friend will be back at the school when you meet him!

You may only request permission for an athlete ride home with you after the game, if you are his parent/legal guardian and there is a legitimate reason as to why he should ride home with you rather than ride back to the school with the team.



Since we are in San Antonio, we shouldn’t expect the weather to get too cold until early November, maybe late October. However, in order to be properly prepared for both, here are two lists, one for warmer weather and one for colder weather, of items to bring if you plan on heading out to a high school football game this season.

Warmer Weather Games:

  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Money to buy a ticket or if you wish to purchase school merchandise and/or food/drinks from the concession stand
  • Comfy seat cushions
  • Supportive signs
  • A camera, especially if you are going to watch a family member play!

Colder Weather Games:

  • Water bottles
  • Coffee or hot chocolate
  • Snacks
  • Money to buy a ticket or if you wish to purchase school merchandise and/or food/drinks from the concession stand
  • Comfy seat cushions
  • Supportive signs
  • A camera, especially if you are going to watch a family member play!
  • Jackets
  • Scarves
  • Blankets


2015-2016 High School football schedules

If your are looking for the schedule for any of the NISD football teams, click the link below:


For a the complete list of the SAISD games, venues and times, click the SAISD link:


NEISD football schedules are here:


There are only two high schools in Boerne and since they are part of different districts they are scheduled to play completely different schools. For the 2015-2016 Boerne Champion football schedule, click below:


For the 2015-2016 Boerne ISD football schedule, click here:


If you are looking for the football schedule for any of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), further investigation may be required. Because there are so many schools in this system, and they are not organized by city or district, finding the schedule for your team may be a little difficult. Most San Antonio TAPPS teams fall in Divisions I, II, and III in the 11-Man category. For more information on schedules and games, you can either visit your school’s website or visit the San Antonio Express News High School sports site at and enter your school’s information.


Best wishes to all of the teams this season!


This post brought to you courtesy of The Castillo Group, your local football experts!

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