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Top Reasons Why Properties Fail to Sell

Your home has been sitting on the market for months and you’re losing patience and faith. Although the market places a significant role on how fast your home moves, there are factors within your control that may be causing your home to sit there.

 The listing price is unrealistically.

Homes are where memories are made. Sellers a personal connection to what you are selling so you value you it higher than others. Unfortunately, emotions must stay out of the pricing process. It’s crucial to list your home at a competitive price from the start so that you don’t deter potential buyers from the get-go. Research what homes are selling for in your area and price accordingly. A professional real estate agent has tools to help determine average home sales in your neighborhood as well as features your home has that can increase value.

The showing schedule is inconvenient.

When your home is for sale, you become a part of the process, meaning you must do everything you can to ensure an easy buy for those looking. That means you must be accommodating to buyers’ schedules and times they are available to view your home. If you only give buyers a two hour time frame in the middle of the week, you aren’t allowing those with 9-to-5 jobs or busy schedules the opportunity to view it. Often times, potential homebuyers are available for walk-throughs after work hours or on weekends. Although that may be inconvenient for you at times, if you want to sell, you have to allow people a chance to physically see your place.

The home still looks like your home.

When listing your home for sale, you want potential buyers to see themselves living in your house. It’s hard to visualize their family living in your house when signs of your family are everywhere. Remove family photos, personal items and excess furniture that may clutter the space.

There’s no Selling Strategy to speak of.

Before you place your home on the market you should formulate a plan for how you’re going to market and sell. Professional photography should be at the top of the list of to-do’s. Homebuyers browsing online expect to see a home in the “best of light”. Photos taken on your iPhone or with terrible lighting will and does make your home look less than appealing. Along with photos, staging your furniture and items to showcase unique features of the home and downplay personal touches can help appeal to a broader set of buyers.

Are you having trouble selling your home?Working with a professional agent will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls of listing your home for sale. Schedule a FREE seller consultation with one of our team members today!

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First of all, I was in my new condo in less than 30 days. I decided to move to San Antonio to attend St Marys Law and after seeing what the market has been doing here, figured it was a safe investment to own rather than rent. I set my must haves with a previous realtor and was lucky if we got 2 lead…
Ed Russel | Bought in St. Mary's Area