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There’s a chill in the air, and fall decor is on sale!

Now that Halloween is over and we are moving into an equally colorful and festive season, it’s time to think about decorating!  Maybe you already have your gourds ready to go, or maybe you haven’t even started, but here are some tips for everything in between, and even some new twists on fall decor.


Brass has made a comeback in recent years and it is sticking around.  Brass candlesticks, bowls, serving ware, and vases are a great way to showcase this hue.  Plaid is also everywhere and is various shades. You will see cooler variations like blues and purples, and of course the warmer, more traditional fall palettes of oranges and browns.  Right now we are loving the natural tones that dominate this season, but don’t be afraid to accent with a splash of hot pink or deep blue to bring out a deeper resonating tone.


Now is the time to bring out the cable knit, the sherpa, and yes, the velvet.  Velvet made a very quick appearance in the early 90’s and then disappeared for a while.  But, fear not, it’s back and it’s here to stay for a little while. These heavier textures that can’t hang in the 80 degree weather are begging to be let out of storage.  Drape blankets over a couch, make a nice stack for guests to grab from, or pile pillows for an afternoon snuggle.


Nothing says “spring cleaning” like clutter and we just aren’t there yet, so this year we are sticking with a minimalist look: warm and homey, but streamlined.  Everything should be carefully picked and placed, and nothing to excess. This makes it feel clean and crisp while still cozy and inviting.

We love a bright white light, but for fall evenings of s’mores and board games, amber is definitely the way to go.  The mood is more relaxed, more comfy, more “stick around and make yourself at home”.

Smells matter.  The days of the potent evergreen and the cinnamon that reaches you before you even hit the door are gone.  Softer, gentler smells are more the trend and are super easy to find. Our new favorite? “Marshmallow Fireside” from Bath & Body Works.  Not too sweet, not too strong, and just the right scent to make you smell the fall in the air.

How will you decorate this season?  Send us your pics, and get featured on our social media pages!


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