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The Easy Way to Move With Pets

o_1afjsfqb9je16kg5bu1qapf407_newMoving is stressful enough on humans. Imagine if you were a dog or cat that all of a sudden goes for a drive and never sees their “old” home again!

Animals can often sense change, but that doesn’t always mean they are willing to accept it right of the bat. Dogs may be better at adapting, especially if you take your dog to new places often, like parks and restaurants. Cats tend to stay at home and are more connected to their current surroundings, causing them to have a harder time understanding why all of a sudden their favorite sunbathing window is no longer there.

Depending on how far you are moving, there are a few ways to ease the anxiety of your animals on moving day.

Whether your pet is great with car rides or dreads it, on the day of the move be sure to place them in a secured crate or closed room until you’re ready to leave the house. Sounds of loading furniture and packing up boxes can cause animals to become confused and frightened, which can lead to several wasted minutes of trying to coax them out from under furniture or herd them back inside from the backyard.

When you reach your final destination, take your animal out of the car and confine them to one room of the house while you begin moving your things in. Only after all of your boxes and furniture have been moved in, and all of the movers have left, should you let your animals out to explore. A helpful tip to help acquaint your animal to the new surroundings is to try to place familiar objects in a relatively similar location as in your old home to remind them of previous surroundings, routine and schedules.

Lastly- but certainly not least- don’t forget to update your animals tags and microchips with your new address and contact information just in case. This is extremely important as thousands of animals across America go missing from their home each year only to end up in shelters, unclaimed.

Have you moved with your pet recently? What were some things you did to help ease your pet’s moving anxiety? Share with us in the comments below!

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