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The Castillo Group Marketing Plan

Having a marketing strategy for your home makes a big difference whether your home sells fast or sits on the market for months. One of the areas The Castillo Group excels in is having a unique marketing plan for our clients and their homes. Our goal with showcasing your home via multiple avenues is to reach potential buyers wherever they feel most comfortable connecting with us.

 Professional photography and staging:

Unlike most real estate agents, The Castillo Group offers our clients professional home photography and staging so that our clients’ homes are shown in the best of light. Pictures are the first point of contact between your home and a potential buyer. With 42% of homebuyers using the internet to search for homes, having photos that stand out is critical.

According to a 2014 case study by IHMO, homes with professional photos on their listings sell 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos!

Here are examples of how we’ve been able to transform our clients’ homes to appeal to buyers.

Before professional photography
Before professional photography
Professional Photograph
Professional Photograph







Which images would make you want to see the home?

Before professional photography
Before professional photography
Professional Photograph
Professional Photograph










Print Media:

If necessary, our marketing team will design and create print flyers to mail to real estate professionals, buyer clients of ours, and residents in and around your home making them aware of your home sale.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.22.50 AM
Print flyer for 4107 Sandstone St.
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.25.46 AM
“Just Sold” print piece for 1218 Nicholas Manor
Print flyer for
Print flyer for 134 S Winston Lane

Social Media & Email Campaigns:

Social media and email marketing is one of the best tools to quickly reach a large audience. We consistently stay on top of the ever-changing digital marketing trends to ensure that we are utilizing and optimizing tools that will connect your home to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers in our local area. Social media and email allow us to actively stay top-of-mind with clients, buyers, and other industry professionals.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.16.39 PM
Example of social media post.
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.58.18 AM
Example of email newsletter.
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.58.27 AM
Example of listings in our newsletter.












Our website hosts hundreds of homes for sale including a “featured listings” section exclusively for our clients’ homes. We pride ourselves in having the most up-to-date website of home listings in the area. Changes are made on an hourly basis to reflect the most accurate information.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.54.58 AM
Website homepage.
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.54.19 AM
Our client listings are located on the home page of our website.







Open Houses:

Although we host open houses for our clients, traditionally in our industry, only about 1% of buyers come from them. Our goal with open houses isn’t necessarily to gain a buyer for your listing, but to get traffic through the door and collect immediate feedback on your property. The feedback we receive from buyers and fellow agents help us position your home to showcase the amazing features people are interested in, or, on the other hand, adjust something that may be turning people off.

Personal Prospecting:

There are many ways to market behind-the-scenes, as listed above, however, we still believe in the traditional marketing practices like calling potential buyers and their agents. Once we agree to work with one another, we make a series of “just listed” calls to neighbors in your community to inform them about your home hitting the market and to see if they are interested or know of someone who would be interested in living in the community. Interestingly, a large portion of people who buy a home first heard about the home through someone who lived in the community and noticed it was for sale.

Each home and each client is unique, that we know and love! Although our methods and tools remain consistent, we will always make sure that we market your home in a unique and captivating way. No strategy will be exactly the same because no two homes are exactly the same!

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First of all, I was in my new condo in less than 30 days. I decided to move to San Antonio to attend St Marys Law and after seeing what the market has been doing here, figured it was a safe investment to own rather than rent. I set my must haves with a previous realtor and was lucky if we got 2 lead…
Ed Russel | Bought in St. Mary's Area