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Seller Strategy Resouce Guide

Whether you are selling a home for the first-time or you’ve done this a time or two before, listing your home on the market comes with a variety of steps. We’ve created a resource guide / checklist you can use to help keep you on track and in-the-know throughout the process. Although we take care of most of the steps for our clients, it’s important to know exactly why and how we are doing what we are for your listing.

Set Your Price

  • Understand the market and what pricing your home will most likely sell for. Have your agent conduct a market value analysis of your home to determine what price is most realistic.
  • Compare your home to those around you and in similar areas. Understanding the value of homes that have recently sold near you can help you decide what a good listing price should be for your house.

Prepping Your Home

  • Hire a professional photography to capture drool-worthy photos of your home. (Did you know we provide professional photography for our clients? Learn more here.)
  • Stage your home by removing clutter, personal items, and re-arranging furniture to help buyers see themselves in the space, rather than a space occupied by another family.
  • Have your home professionally cleaned to remove unwanted odors, like cigarette smoke, pet smells, etc. These are typical red flags for buyers and will often leave a bad impression.

Showing Your Home

  • Clean up before a showing. Light a candle, plug in a scented wall plug, make your home smell nice and clean!
  • Turn on lights so that features in each room can be seen.
  • If you have a pet and are not able to take them with you when you leave for a showing, make sure you put them somewhere out of the way.

The Offer

  • Remember that personal feelings do not belong in the selling process. If you receive a low bid, do not immediately write it off. It could be a great opportunity for negotiation.
  • Be prepared to disclose any property conditions like property defects so that buyers are fully aware.
  • Don’t take too much time responding to an offer, but do make sure you give yourself enough time to consider other potential offers.
  • Know that everything in a contract can be negotiated. Do not sign until you and the buyer feel comfortable with the terms and conditions.

Prepping for Closing

  • Provide your title company with current loan information so that they order your pay off in time for closing.
  • Bring a picture ID, Social Security Card, and extra house keys and garage openers to the closing for the new owner.
  • Enjoy the experience!

Selling your home can be a daunting task, but with the help and guidance of a professional real estate agent, the process should be a whole lot less stressful.

Feel free to print this list out and check each task off after completing.

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