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Preparing Your Home for Extreme Weather

In light of the recent severe storms in North Texas, we felt the need to share with you some home safety tips for when extreme weather occurs. Of course, Mother Nature is unpredictable, and despite taking all necessary precautions, sometimes Mother Nature does what she wants. However, you can never be too safe and too prepared for when natural weather disasters occur.

Make an Emergency Plan

Before disaster strikes, always make sure your family and loved ones are aware of the emergency plan. A lot of times, your family will not be together when something happens. Some members may be at home, while other are out running errands. Set a plan that explains how your family members will get a hold of one another to ensure safety. If you are unable to reach each other, set a meeting point where your family members will know to go to meet up during different types of disasters. The purpose of an emergency plan is so that your family knows how and where they will be able to stay informed and aware.

Install Class 3 or Class 4 Shingles to Your 

If your area is prone to winter hailstorms, these shingles are tested and proven to withstand harsh hail damage. This will help your roof last longer.

Maintain Foliage & Outdoor Space 

Removing flimsy branches, cutting down trees that could fall on your home during a storm, placing a pool cover over your pool if power lines are nearby in case of a chance for falling power lines: these are all ways to prevent structural damage and personal injury during a severe storm.

Secure top-heavy furniture. 

In the event that a strong storm comes through, for example a tornado or hurricane, you should secure heavy furniture like bookcases and free-standing shelving units to the wall and move them away from windows and doors so that they don’t block escape routes or fall on top of you.

Close off Windows and Doors

Lock and secure doors and windows as the storm approaches to prevent rain and falling debris from entering the home and damaging your interior or yourself.

For more safety tips, take a look at the National Weather Service’s preparation guide.

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