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Packing to Make Moving Easy

Moving to a new home is such an exciting time, but of course, overwhelming. Columns of boxes fill your old home, trash bags litter the ground, random items you lost years ago suddenly appear and now you have 20 pairs of scissors sitting on your counter.

Packing doesn’t need to give you a major head. In fact, these packing tips not only help make the moving process easier, but also the unpacking process since you will already have all you need in easy-to-find places.

Sell, Donate, Toss

Before beginning to box anything up, create designated piles for items you wish to sell, donate and throw away. If you have old clothing, furniture, or artwork that doesn’t tickle your fancy anymore, place them in the corresponding pile. The fewer items you have to move, the better. Plus, you can make a little extra cash!

Pack 1st Day Essentials Together

When you get to your new house, there are a few things you know you’ll need right away. For example, you’ll probably need scissors or box cutters to open boxes, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies… you get the picture.  Place these items in a clearly marked container and place it in your car, rather than a moving truck so that you can easily get to it first thing.

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Don’t Overpack a Box

Nothing is worse than pulling a muscle or throwing out your back on moving day. The fastest way to do both is by overpacking a box to the point of being almost impossible to lift without imminent injury. Smaller, lighter boxes are easier to lift and fit into a car for transport.

Use Appliances & Other Large Items As “Boxes”

Fill up their empty space with smaller items to save on boxes. For example, use laundry bags to load pantry items or tools, or your stuff your slow cooker with spices to keep them all in one spot.

Use a Trash Bag to Transport Clothes

Gather your hanging clothes together and place them in a trash bag, hanger hooks up. That way you won’t have to unfold and hang clothing when you get to your new house. Everything will be ready to put in your closet in seconds!

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