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New Year A to Z: Part 4

Welcome to the final installment of this months’ New Year A to Z!  Get ready to get your life together and take a giant leap!

Tidy up!

Sure it takes a minute to get motivated to clean out that corner of your closet where old t-shirts go to die.  But when you get up the energy to do it, it feels amazing!  If it seems overwhelming to start the tidying process (which if you have been watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, you are probably already experiencing this), start with something small; pick a space you have been wanting to tackle but that isn’t super big or intimidating.  Maybe a drawer or a medicine cabinet.  Get that together and then go for something bigger.  What do you do with all the stuff you are ready to part with?  Make that money!  For currently-in-style women’s clothing, sell at Clothes Mentor or Uptown Cheapskate (they take men’s clothes, too).  For books, go to your nearest Half-Price Books, or if you just have a bunch of stuff, have a good old fashioned garage sale.  Don’t forget to get a permit if you are within the city limits!

Undo the knots!

Right now you are probably reading this as you hunch over your phone or computer.  Your neck is stiff, your shoulders are tense, and your back is curved. Stretch it out, shake it loose, and make an appointment at Hiatus Spa where you can get a massage, facial, get your nails done, and just relax.  There is something about having someone else just rub all of the stress out of every little corner.  Tell them Abby sent you!


We have developed a newfound love of all things fresh and green.  Our favorite? These brussel sprouts .  I know, I know…brussel sprouts???  But yes, believe it or not, they can be delicious. The little green gems got a bad rap when people started steaming and boiling them instead of roasting or sautéing.  Unfortunately, the smell released when cooked in those ways, plus the softer texture, make them not so desirable. We highly recommend giving them another shot in the roaster with some olive oil and a dash of parm.  Mind blown.

Wake up early!

Don’t get me wrong…I am all about sleeping late.  I love the sleep, the naps, the snuggling, all of it.  However, in Hal Elrod’s book Miracle Morning, he talks about the transformative power of giving yourself an extra hour in the morning to make important moves in your life.  This could be exercise, meditation, writing, work, whatever would make that time powerful for you. Still unconvinced? Read the book.

X-treme Leaps

What is the one thing you are terrified to do?  Are you freaked out about running that half-marathon?   Do you quiver when you think about starting that book you have always wanted to write? Maybe your biggest fear is quitting that job you hate and pursuing your passion.  What is stopping you, friend?  Make that your adventure this year.  Take the leap.  Have faith in your ability to catch yourself.  Jump and fly.

Yes to you!  

One of the best things you can do this year is to show up for yourself.  Read a book that you know will boost your confidence, spend some time on self-care, take an hour a week to go to a coffeehouse or park alone and have some you time.  Whatever it means to you to show up for yourself, you deserve it. If you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. Read that sentence again. When you over-commit, you are under-commiting to other things that may matter more.  Make time to say yes to you.


Sleep!  This year, make it your goal to get your recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.  The more sleep you skimp, the less you are able to function at full capacity.  We live in a culture where exhaustion is sometimes worn as a badge of honor, but do not be fooled.  The only place it will take you is into depression, anxiety, weight gain, irritability, and other health problems.   Do whatever it takes to get to bed and sleep well, whether it’s getting a new pillow , putting your phone down, or putting lavender oils in a diffuser next to your bed.  

Have a great 2019!  Don’t forget to tag us on social media @TheCastilloGroup on all of your new adventures!

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