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New Year A to Z: Part 2

Welcome to our second installment of New Year A to Z!  This week, G-L, get some ideas on how to enrich your life, take some risks, and have a little fun in 2019!

Get a Pet

I know what you are thinking.  WOAH…slow down….I just got my house clean and you want me to get it all hairy and messy again with a dog?  It’s ok friend, you don’t have to go all in. If you are like us and you love the puppers, then by all means, add a member to your family by hitting up the San Antonio Humane Society and taking home whoever picks you first.  If you are not ready for that kind of commitment, think small…maybe a fish or a turtle.  Feeling adventurous? Go for that snake that will wrap you up all cozy-like! The point is, pets can bring great joy to our lives and have been scientifically proven to increase our mental and physiological health.  Go grab a friend for life!


Have your locks been feeling less than their luxurious usual?  Maybe it’s time to shake it up! Is there a cut you used to have that you loved and can try again?  Or maybe you have seen someone around rocking a style you just totally wish you could pull off. Guess what…you probably can!  Check out pinterest boards for a new style and mix it up a little. After all, it grows back.


Not that this is a new thing, but HOLY MOLY Ikea is coming to San Antonio on Valentine’s Day 2019!  Grab your honey or just your best group of pals (don’t forget your own shopping bags) and head on down to the corner of 1604 and I-35 where the biggest new addition to San Antonio lives.  Take your credit card because chances are you will find a lamp you can’t live without, a duvet cover you didn’t know you needed, and some accent pillows that just happen to be perfect for your place!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Ok so this one sounds dorky, but I SWEAR it’s one of the most fun things to do, especially on a budget.  Take a trip to Wal-Mart, head to the puzzle section, and grab the most appealing clearance puzzle you see. Grab a bottle of wine on your way out the door, too.  Set up your wine and puzzle on the coffee table at home and get to work! Not only do puzzles meet the brain’s craving for pattern and order, but they can be relaxing and silly too, depending on which puzzle you choose.  


If you like being outdoors but don’t necessarily want to camp or hike, one of the most peaceful ways to spend a beautiful day is kayaking.  When the sun is shining and you are out on the water, you can see sparkles for days. Don’t have a kayak? Don’t worry! Places near lakes rent them out by the hour or for the entire day so you can enjoy the water without getting wet and without investing in major equipment.  Head up to Canyon Lake for a beautiful, calm float and check out Canyon Lake Adventures for kayaks and equipment.

Live Shows

Do you find yourself in front of Netflix a little too often?  Does your couch have a big dent in it where you have made your little nest?  Maybe it’s time to get out! South Texas is a great place for live music, comedy, dancing, and other entertainment.  Check out the Current list of local events and get out there with the people!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media @TheCastilloGroup or #TCG as you go on your new adventures and email to submit ideas for our New Year A-Z!


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