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Mix it up for Spring!

It’s official, Spring has sprung!  Beautiful days full of breezes and sunshine, birds chirping and wildflowers blooming, everything just feels clean and new. Why not grab that feeling and own it by trying something new this season? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Plant Something New

My newest foray into the gardening world is not adventurous at all. To be honest, I kill pretty much everything I try to grow. I tried a cactus once, and it didn’t make it. So I am really excited to see my new Knockout roses reach their potential!  At $12.98 per plant and advertised as hardy, fast-growing, and great for our climate, I am really hoping we can come to an agreement where if I keep watering them, they don’t die. Is there anything you have been wanting to see bloom in your yard or home?  If you love to cook, try a little indoor herb garden or a pepper plant. If you love colors, try some confetti Lantanas around an entryway. Happy growing!

Change Up Your Colors

 If you are adventurous, grab a paintbrush and add a feature wall to your home to lighten things up a bit. Behr’s Eastern Amber is a great warm peachy color for spring. If you are looking to spring into a new wardrobe, Mix it up and buy yourself a new outfit in a great yellow or bright green.   Not quite ready for either of these commitments? For the home, instead of paint, try some throw pillows or new curtains in a bright, springy shade. For your slightly new look, accessorize your outfit with a new pair of bright red shoes or a great purse or bag in a floral pattern. Need to wear a suit everyday? Add a tie or shirt in a bright new color that will add some snazz to your swag. Don’t be afraid to brighten it up!

Travel Somewhere New

If you can afford to jump on a plane and go anywhere, close your eyes, point to a map, and pick a spot!  Get outta here and see something new! If this isn’t quite in the budget, do a slightly truncated version of this by looking at your area on Google Maps, estimating how far you would be willing to drive and how many nights you can afford to be away, and create a small radius.  Look up points of interest, AirBNBs in those areas, bodies of water, and anything else you could get excited about and get going!

Mix it up at Work

Spring is not just a great time for plants to grow, it’s a great time for you to grow as well! Think about your daily routine.  Are you stuck in a rut at work? Do you do the same thing everyday? Do you own your own business and want to try reaching new clients?  Do you run your household and need a new routine? It’s time to try something new! Ask for that raise you have been thinking about. Put yourself on a new project that will stretch and challenge you. Diversify your business to branch into a new area you’ve never tried. You never know what will happen if you don’t put one foot in front of the other and do it.

As the weather changes, the breeze blows, and the sun shines, bring some newness into your life!  Good luck!


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