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Increasing the Odds of Selling Your Home: Superstitions & Statues


Selling your home can be stressful. You’re worried about selling it by the time you need to move, getting the right price for it, and much more. With the added stress may come a desperate need to take matters into your own hands and rely on superstitions, as well as the market, to ease your home along the process.

Here are popular house selling superstitions that many people have used when listing their home on the market.

Bury a St. Joseph Statue

St. Joseph is the patron saint of marriage, families, carpenters, and workmen, but over the years he has also been known to have special powers when it comes to real estate. This tradition originally started when European nuns would bury St. Joseph medals on the grounds of property they were looking to buy for their convents. Over time, the medals were replaced with statues and were used, in turn, to sell rather than buying property.

It is said you should bury the statue upside in the front yard near your “For Sale” sign with his feet pointing towards heaven. After the home sells, don’t forget to remove the statue from the ground and display him in your new home!


Place an Acorn in the Windowsill

Notice a thunderstorm rolling in? According to Norse superstition, an acorn in a windowsill will protect your house from being struck by lighting. You wouldn’t want to have to do roof damage while trying to sell your home, would you? Can’t hurt with all this crazy rainy weather we’ve been having in South Texas lately.

Choose Your Listing Price Wisely

Adding an “8” to the end of your sales price could help your home sell faster. In Chinese culture the number “8” is considered to be lucky due to it’s similarity to the Chinese word for “wealth” and “prosperity.” The number to avoid: unlucky “4!”

Say a Prayer

There are several prayers you can recite for help with selling your house quickly. From help with finding the right buyer to help with selling your home in a stale market, there are prayers for specific aspects of home selling. For a list of these prayers, click here.


Leave Yellow Flowers by the Front Door

Not only is yellow such an eye-grabbing color, but flowers always make a home feel “finished” and well kept. Either place a vase of yellow flowers by your front door, or plant yellow flowers nearest your front porch to bring good luck.

Work With a Great Realtor

Okay, so this isn’t really a superstition, but working with a great realtor can bring you some of the best luck when selling your home. Nothing beats professionalism, knowledge, and expertise when selling your home quiet like a licensed, experienced REALTOR®. Are you ready to sell your home? Give us a call! Contact us here.

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