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How to Repair Pet Damage For Resale

chihuahuaWe love our furry friends! A house is not a home without one, right? Sometimes, their fur and scent tend to take over your home and you’re left wondering whose house it actually is! When you and your family are ready to move, your pet’s presence can linger long after your family is gone.

There are a few ways you can repair pet damage to your home before listing it on the market.

Clean/ Repair Your Floors:

If you have an animal that has often used your carpet as a bathroom, now is the time to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Urine stains can seep deep into the carpet and can often cause odors after the initial stain on top has been cleared. Professional cleaning can help clean each layer of the carpet so that it looks fresh and new. No more odors!

Hardwood floors are a hot commodity in homes in today’s market. Homeowners love the look and the trend, but when Fido decides to stroll across it day in and day out with long nails, scratches and nicks can occur. These scratches are fixable by sending and refinishing, however, contact a professional to do the job.

Furniture Fix:

Have claw marks are your leather furniture? Don’t worry! It’s fixable, and we don’t mean fixable by buying a whole new furniture piece. To lessen the appearance of claw marks on the furniture, apply vinegar to the area with a soft cloth. Then, use leather polish, which will further help conceal the scratch marks. You can also purchase a leather repair kit for deeper scratch marks.

Wall Repair:

Chew marks on the wooden baseboards or wall beams? We got you covered, literally! You can purchase wood filler at your local hardware store that can help correct the damage. Take the filler and smooth it over the damaged area. Make sure you pack it enough and smooth it out so that it forms a flat, even surface. Paint over it after waiting a while for it to dry. It may not be perfect, but it will definitely improve the look of your wall.

Taking these initiatives can help your home appeal to more homebuyers and earn you more money in the sale!


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