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How to Prepare for Holiday Guests

With the holidays comes an influx of time with the family. Hosting family members from out of town can be a stressful experience. Not only are you preparing for holiday gift giving, meals and activities, but you also have to prepare your home for all those staying with you this season.

Having guests stay at your place doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive! Here are a few quick ways you can make guests feel right at home without spending hours preparing.

1. Declutter

Clear away unnecessary things on countertops, tables, and chairs in the kitchen, dining room, living room, etc. If you don’t use it on a daily basis or if your guests won’t be using it, put them in a closet, storage unit, or even a garage.

2. Light the way

If your guest bedroom does not have a bathroom attached, make sure you put night lights in the hallways and bathrooms so that your guests can easily find their way.

3. Wash the Linens

Wash bed sheets, towels, blankets and any other linens your guest may be needing during their stay. There’s nothing like a fresh-smelling towel to come out of the shower to!

4. Stock the Bathroom

It can be embarrassing for guests to ask for bathroom essentials like extra toilet paper or a plunger. Stock their restroom with everything from extra toilet paper to travel sized soap and shampoos so that if they happen to forget or run out of something, they’ll have it at their finger tips. Arrange them on the counter or in a cute basket so they know they are available.

5. Extra Touches

Place a magazine, tissue box, and a water bottle by their bedside for any late-night reading, sniffles or thirst quenches. These special touches can take your home from just a guest room to a hotel-like experience!

These preparations for holiday guests should only take a few minutes leaving you plenty of time to catch up on holiday gift wrapping and meal prepping.

What are some of your favorite ways to prepare for holiday guests? Share with us in the comments.

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