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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

These days, the outdoors are the place to be!  Whether it’s sitting on the porch watching the rain fall as you sip a cup of coffee, or playing a rousing game of jenga and drinking iced tea while the kids run around on the lawn, the outdoors await!  Read on for some tips to create the perfect environment.


Think about what you are going to use this space for.  If you are looking to relax, read, and take naps, consider an outdoor chaise or oversized chair.  Don’t forget a side table for your book and coffee. If you are more into dining or conversing with friends and family, I would definitely go for a set with a table and chairs.  If you are looking for a little bit of both, get a set that has a sofa and a couple of chairs, that way it is still nap-friendly. This is definitely an investment, so imagine yourself out there, and get what you want.


Keep in mind that even though you may be day-drinking on the porch, day always ends up turning into night. Lighting options are numerous and there is a variety to fit any style.  My favorite outdoor lighting comes in strings of decorative lights that can line the porch with soft lights, illuminating your space without intruding on your peace.  Uplighting on trees and elements that are in your backyard can also create a nice ambiance.


You can make a porch just as comfortable as a den with the right items.  Outdoor pillows have come a long way from your grandma’s scratchy floral pool chairs. There are tons of textures and fabrics to make the sofa or chairs you include nice and comfy. Patterns, stripes, themes, polka-dots, and lively solids can make your space look inspired. Also, remember that in Texas it gets H-O-T!  Be prepared for these days with a mounted outdoor fan . This will cool you off as you chill outside, and will keep the mosquitos away.


When it is time to bring the space all together, this is when the accessories get to work.  An outdoor carpet can create an area that you want guests to congregate in while complementing the color scheme or patterns of your furniture. Citronella candles or tiki torches are a great idea to keep the bugs away, and will look great as well.  Think about the feel of your porch or yard. Are you more beachy? Western? Wanna celebrate your life? Find for or create signs that support these ideas that you can hang on the side of the house or the backdoor.  Add a tray of matching glasses and a pitcher, and you are ready for porch-sittin’.

What time should we come over?


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