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Grab that blue shopping bag, and let’s go!

Yup, that’s right, I’ve officially been to the new Live Oak IKEA three times and it’s only been open for three weeks. I’m officially addicted! But you know what, that’s okay!  Because IKEA is known for their great prices on ingenious products. Here are some that you need to get now! (Really, like drop what you are doing and go.)


Y’all this cart can do ANYTHING.  Need a bedside table? Put a lamp and a book on this baby and call it a day.  Need a place to hold spices and kitchen-ware? This is your go-to. Looking for a modern bar-cart for parties or a small dining space?  Go no further. Teachers: forget it, just buy five. This cart can serve so many different purposes. They come in at $30 and are available in slate blue, black, or ivory, stock up and put them everywhere.


It is amazing what one little storage box can do.  I started with one to put all my little essential oil boxes in.  Then I went back and got two more because they were the perfect size to hold both my tea and all my nail polishes.  Then, I thought, who am I kidding, and bought five more because I need to store my snacks, my office supplies, and lord knows what else.  Sleek, glossy, and $2.79, these little storage boxes are perfect for small spaces and organization. In the age of reducing clutter and streamlining, they are ideal.  


Because who doesn’t want a little puppy booty sticking up on their wall?!  These cute rubber hooks can be used for leashes and other dog paraphernalia, or for keys and purses as well.  Hang them up near the door or garage, wherever you store your ready-to-head-out items, and they will always make you smile.  They come in a variety of colors and run $3.99 each.


This trio is your cooking and baking team of superstars.  These basics can be expensive at other stores and easily get ruined or lost, but at IKEA the price works for these essentials.  The set of two mixing bowls for $5.99, the set of measuring cups for $3.99, and multi-colored spatulas for $0.99 each, make this a great combo for about $11.  This would actually make a great gift as well; just add a boxed cake mix and you have a great little housewarming present.

These are my go-tos, and I have no doubt that once you get there you will find about fifteen more things you have to have.  The great thing about that? No guilt for IKEA prices. Happy shopping!

(this blog is NOT a paid endorsement for IKEA…I’m just that obsessed.)


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Daryl was awesome and helped us find our perfect home. We were living in virginia at the time and Daryl took the time to face time us from the house so we could feel like we were there.
Bought in San Antonio, TX.