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Essential Tips for Keeping Your Home Tidy

Ready to stop playing the clutter game?  Have the words “This house is a mess!” passed through your lips recently?  Not to worry.  We are all there with you.  Believe it or not, living the tidy life is attainable, and following the tips below will get you well on your way!

Everything has a place

One of the biggest issues with keeping things tidy is figuring out where to put ALL the things.  It is so important that everything in your home have a home of its own, and if it doesn’t, you may want to consider if it actually belongs there. Once you do an initial organization of everything and decide where things belong and what containers will help you organize (I highly recommend Ikea for this), it will make putting things away so much easier. A hamper for dirty clothes, a bag for grocery bags, a shelf for books that need to go back to the library, a hook for car keys…a place for everything and everything in its place will help you not leave messes everywhere.

Put the mail away

It is so easy to accumulate a giant pile of HEB advertisements and credit card offers.  You get home exhausted from work, you check the mail, you go inside and kids and dogs start jumping on you, and the mail drops to the counter and stays there for 3 weeks.  If this happens everyday, you probably have quite a nice collection going. Instead, a great habit to get into is to go through the mail as soon as you pick it up. On your walk from the mailbox to the door, sort through the stuff you can recycle and the stuff you need.  Toss the extra into the recycle bin before you even enter the house. Then, as you are about to throw it on the counter and give yourself over to the attention of toddlers or pups, instead, take 2 minutes to open what belongs to you and file away anything you need to keep. This seems like a super small step, but it can eliminate a huge amount of clutter.

Throw away the things

You don’t need the receipt from buying popcorn at the movies.  You don’t need the half-granola bar that you didn’t like yesterday. You don’t need the rock that your kid picked up at the playground and put in your purse. Holding on to trash and things you think you might need (but in reality you know you are never going to use) clutters your life.  Get rid of it. For real. Right now. Throw it away.

Floors are key

One of the best ways to keep your home feeling tidy is to keep the floor clear.  We have three dogs, so dog hair reigns in our home. It makes a huge difference when, midweek, I decide to wield my broom and do a 10 minute sweep up to clear it all out.  It makes the house feel so much cleaner, when in reality I have only cleaned one surface. Keeping the floor clean makes everything else feel like it is in order.

Candle or Essential Oil

One of the things that makes the house feel super clean is a fresh smell.  This is where a super hearty candle or an essential oil diffuser comes in handy.  Try Bath and Body Works three-wick candles. They smell incredible throughout the whole house, and they burn evenly. If you are digging the essential oil game, try some bergamot oil for a warm and energetic feel.


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