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Essential Spring Tips for Your Home

The weather is changing, the oak pollen is most definitely dropping (*sniffle sniffle*), and spring has sprung.  Every season, it is important to make sure your home is as comfortable as you are! What does your home need this spring?  Check off the list below to make sure your home is ready for April showers and May flowers.

All Things Air

After running the heat for a (little) while, and then possibly not running anything since the weather was so mild, it’s time to make sure all of your machinery is functioning properly. Call your local air conditioner repair to get your unit serviced and checked.  Change your filter so that you are breathing fresh, clean air, and grab a dust cloth or a Swiffer to clean off the registers around the house. Fresh air helps with respiratory issues (especially at this time of the year with allergens flying around), clear skin, and a clear head.

Get Rid of the Creepy Crawlies

Now that it is getting warmer, the buggies are coming out!  They are looking for cool, dark, dry places to be, and your house is their dream AirBnB! Call the Orkin man or your bug person of preference, and get that bug barrier up!  Not into pesticides? Try some natural repellants like mixtures of lavender, citronella, and lemongrass essential oils. Placing mint and bay leaves around the home will keep cockroaches away, and cleaning with white vinegar repels ants.

Color Your World

Winter is a great time for dark, cozy colors, but spring feels right for brights and neutrals!  Are you ready for a refresh or update? Right now is a great time to paint a wall or a whole room.  The daylight is bright, and you can still open windows and doors to aerate the room and get circulating without it getting too hot inside. Try my new favorite color, Behr’s Anonymous at Home Depot. 


Make Some Room in the Closet

It’s time to get in that closet and start purging!  if you didn’t wear it this fall or winter, let it go, and make room for all the cute summer stuff you know is waiting.  Look for stuff that you know is not in style anymore, items of clothing that are on their last legs, things are still have life left in them but you’re are just not that interested, or clothes that are just too big or too small.  You deserve more than clothes that don’t fit you or don’t make you feel great! For items that are still in great shape, sell at Clothes Mentor  or Uptown Cheapskate  for some extra cash, or donate to a local donation station.

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