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Declutter Your Life in 5 Simple Steps

Life can get hard, but we forget that we often have more control over our stressors than we think. Often times our surroundings and things play a big part in “cluttering” our mind and overall lives. It doesn’t have to take days and days to organize your home and your mindset. Start out with these simple activities to kickstart your decluttering.

Declutter One Room/ Space at a Timepots-pans-1325884

When getting started, it’s best to choose one room in the house to begin with. For example, focus solely on your kitchen one day, your office then next, and so on and so forth. Tackling one room at a time will keep you focused on important (and non important) items for that space and that space alone.

In your kitchen, remove all appliances, food containers, and other kitchen tools that are broken or aren’t used and just collecting dust. Find all Tupperware and their corresponding lids. If containers don’t have lids, recycle them. Donate old cookbooks you haven’t touched in years. Thanks to Pinterest, you’ll never want to a recipe again!

computer-1480041Computer Dump

Like drawers in a home, overtime your computer can collect random documents, downloads, and pictures that you will never need or forgot they even existed. Clean your desktop often by creating folders for items. Not only do they make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, but it also keeps your desktop clear of icons and organized.

Also, uninstall applications you no longer use. These take up storage and disk space, as well as drain your battery if they run in the background.

Find an Item, Pick it Up

It’s so easy to walk in the door and leave the mail on the kitchen counter, kick your shoes off by the couch, and throw your purse on a chair. It’s just as easy to place these items in their designated spaces. Spend just a few more seconds to put your shoes in your closet, hang up your work clothes, or put your mail in a designated bin. Not only does it declutter your space, you will always know where these items are. No more hunting for your keys minutes before having to leave for work.

Can’t Forget the Car

Don’t forget that your car needs some attention, too! We spend days and days of our lives drying in our cars, and with all that time spent on the four wheels, clutter and junk can accumulate. Old food wrappers, toys, old papers, books, etc. need to be cleaned out from the floorboards, trunk and dashboard. All you really need in your vehicle is your GPS, registration, insurance information and cell phone charger.

Take FiveHNCK2197

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean the removal of physical things. It can also mean decluttering your thoughts. Spend 5 minutes each day to reflect on the day ahead or the events that have already happened. Give thanks for what you have and who you are. It will instantly make you feel better!



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