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4 Benefits of Working With a Realtor


The service Realtors® provide is a service people need, whether they know it, or not. The knowledge and skills an agent brings to clients can far outweigh the so-called “convenience” of placing your home on the market or buying a home yourself. What many people don’t realize is that when hiring a real estate agent to represent them, they play many more roles in the process than just someone who shows you a home or hosts an open house.

Your Own Personal BFF

Like a good best friend, a Realtor® should be understanding of your wants and needs when it comes to purchasing or selling your home. Being a great listener is a trait often unmentioned, but highly important in an agent. A good real estate agent should try to gather as much information about your situation so that they can learn how to best serve you. Of course, the agent should understand that each client has a different situation they bring to the table. All the more reason to find someone who makes a true effort to hear you out, right?

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Your Own Personal Body Guard

Working with an agent is like working with a personal body guard. It’s true! Stay with us here. When you’re being represented by an agent, that means that your interests are the only thing that matters. If you have specific needs that require you to stay in a specific price range, it’s your Realtor® ‘s job to make sure that you remain within your range and achieving your needs. Again, your agent’s job is to protect your best interests. He or she will act as a third party between you and the home buyer/ seller and communicate only the details and information you ask them to. If there’s every a problem, he or she has your back.

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Your Own Personal Encyclopedia

It’s a real estate agent’s job to know the in’s and out’s of the industry. Of course, if you’ve bought or sold a home before, you know there is a lot that goes into the process. There is the physical looking for the home to buy, or marketing of the home to sell,  the negotiation process, the contract preparation process, the list of steps goes on and on!  A benefit of working with an experienced Realtor® is that he or she has dealt with a variety of different scenarios and have acquired a large amount of knowledge from each transaction he or she works on. That means that each step along the way, your real estate agent as “been there, done that”. He or she knows exactly what they are working with and if there are any red flags you need to watch out for. Your agent is there to be your personal resource to the home buying /selling process. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want and utilize their expertise!

Your Own Personal Mediator

We mentioned the “negotiation process” just a moment ago. It can be trick, especially when there are multiple offers involved. However, having someone represent you in the process means that you don’t have to worry about putting on a “game face” or speaking directly potential buyers or sellers. The fact that you have an experienced, licensed agent negotiating for you can even mean saving you thousands of dollars! Click here to see how The Castillo Group continually saves clients thousands of dollars. 

Realtors® are trained to provide their clients with high-quality, educated advice. Working with an experienced real estate agent not only can save you time and stress, but also money. Can you imagine what you’d do with an extra few thousand in your pocket at the end of the day?

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First of all, I was in my new condo in less than 30 days. I decided to move to San Antonio to attend St Marys Law and after seeing what the market has been doing here, figured it was a safe investment to own rather than rent. I set my must haves with a previous realtor and was lucky if we got 2 lead…
Ed Russel | Bought in St. Mary's Area